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I proudly announce that my first ever written soundtrack for the movie Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter, directed by Neil Johnson, is now available for high quality download on CDBaby (9$ only). Additionally, you can listen to it on the biggest streaming platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer). Regarding the movie, it will be distributed by Sony Pictures in 2017.

Album link:

When composing for Rhapsody Of Fire, I always picture scenes from my imagination and my favorite movies to get inspiration. With this soundtrack project, I was thrilled I could finally do what I have always dreamed for a very long time, composing on new and concrete cinematic scenes. I believe that the soundtrack helps the movie to convey emotions so much and it’s so rewarding to contribute to the viewer experience.

During the composition, the inspiration and the ideas were flowing every day. It’s definitely a job that I would do for the rest of my life! I also had the chance to improve as an arranger as an engineer since I have mixed and mastered the album myself. Finally, it was a pleasure to interact on a daily basis with Neil Johnson, who is also a true friend, in order to meet and overcome his expectations. Get ready for a sci-fi journey!

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